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Find out all the latest news from the project, and events involving the community. We will post news items here regularly, keeping you up to date with everything that’s happening around the project site. Keep an eye out for progress photos, and activities at the site that will involve residents and local schools.
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Progress on site as at 21 August 2015
Works have progressed well on site with the first tower crane being removed on 15 August 2015. The brickwork is starting to move up the buildings along with the fitting of the windows. The Internal fit out of the blocks has now commenced and is proceeding well. Within the coming month we anticipate that work on the next blocks will commence, with the brickwork already underway. These will start to take shape and the external elements will soon to be seen chasing up the external side. The completion of our top floors to the first block should also be completed within the next month. These areas have been made more of a challenge due to the City Airport restrictions in heights. Our crane would have interacted with the building if it had stayed any longer, so the final floors are now being completed with light weight shuttering and pumped poured concrete.

The demolition of the old buildings are nearing completion with only the sections over the water remaining. These elements are indeed tricky but are moving on with the environmental protections we have in place to negate any problems with contaminating the docks. A pontoon system will soon be brought in to assist with the final layers being removed.

We have engaged with various people in the locality to see how we can better help out their community. We have spoken in depth with Peacocks Gym in Silvertown to assist them in their academy for finding work for young people. We have made tremendous steps in helping them to possibly secure placements for apprenticeships and will also be providing the academy with materials and tools to assist them in the training of their students.

We have made some in roads to assisting the local engineering college with possible days on site for their students so they can see what they are learning being put into practice. Therefore, gaining some much needed work experience for themselves whilst learning.

For more Progress on Site Photographs see the Homepage 'Downloads' link entitled 'Great Eastern Quays Progress Photographs 21-08-15

For Aerial Photographs taken 11 July 2015 see the Homepage ‘Downloads’ link entitled ‘Great Eastern Quays Aerial Photographs 11-07-15

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